Science & Memory

The Ask: As an extension of the Science & Memory project, a cohort of students were tasked with looking for and communicating data to explain how the Oregon Coast will be affected by climate change over the next decade.

The Strategy: Science and communication have a gap. To bridge this gap scientists need communicators to express their findings in ways that the general public will understand.

The Work: Worked with different specialties to create a complex yet simple video. Crafted a detailed piece regarding "10 Ways Climate Change will Affect the Oregon Coast" see here.




Editors: Topacio Beerhalter and Megan Rouse

Strategy: Madison Hamilton

Videographers: Ty BoespflugPam Cressall, Jeff Dean, Megan Rouse, and Tim Vandehey

Music: Star Light Intrumental, Soundstripe


University of Washington

National Geographic